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Transport Webinar Series14 December 2020

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We are currently in the midst of an unprecedented time for the transportation sector.

Global travel restrictions, economic uncertainty and climate change pressures are at the forefront of decision making and future planning. While the problems seem numerous, there are a lot of opportunities to be optimistic about.

In our eight-part Transport Webinar Series, WFW were joined by guest speakers from the leading global banks, financial advisors and private equity firms, to discuss a wide range of topics pertinent to the transport industry. From aviation restructuring, to shipping sanctions and private investment in rail, we discussed the current commercial and legal insights, issues and updates that are relevant to the transport sector.

With eight episodes, 38 speakers and over 1,200 live attendees, the series has proven to be incredibly popular.

List of Episodes

Click onto each individual episode for more information and to watch the webinar videos. You can also check out our other webinar videos here.


Episode 1 – Tuesday, 20 October 1:00 pm BST [UK]


Episode 2 –  Tuesday, 24 November 1:00 pm GMT [UK]


Episode 3 – Tuesday, 1 December 1:00 pm GMT [UK]


  • Private equity opportunities in aviation
    Susanne Burstein
    Jim Bell
    Pete O’Hare
    – Marc Meyohas (Managing Partner, Greybull Capital LLP)
    – Franklin Pray (Managing Director, Alinda Capital Partners)

Episode 1 – Thursday, 15 October 1:00 pm BST [UK]


Episode 2 – Tuesday, 3 November 9:00 am GMT [UK]


Episode 3 – Wednesday, 18 November 3:00 pm GMT [UK]



Episode 1 – Thursday, 5 November 10.30 am GMT [UK]


  • The evolving rail landscape
    Frederik Lorenzen
    Alexia Russell
    – Shaun Mills, (CEO, Alpha Trains)
    – Olivier Bros, (Head of Asset Based Finance, Société Générale)
    – Bart van Horssen (Associate Director, Apex Rail)

Episode 2  – Tuesday, 10 November 10.30 am GMT [UK]


  • Private investment in rail
    Frederik Lorenzen
    Louise Mor
    – Camille Brunel (Partner, RIVE Private Investment)
    – Juliette van Enckevort (Global Lead Land Transport, ING)
    – Phillip Hyman (Managing Director, DC Advisory)

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