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Covid-19 Aviation Restructuring Report 2.0

This updated edition explores how the market’s response has developed, the trends that have emerged and some significant changes to legislation in the UK and incorporates a valuable table comparing the key features of a UK scheme of arrangement, a UK restructuring plan and the US’s Chapter 11 rehabilitation procedure, as well as case studies on the restructurings of Virgin Atlantic Airways and Malaysian Airlines Berhad.

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Commencement of Arbitration for Cargo Claims6 May 2021

Disputes can arise over whether a cargo claimant’s arbitration notice was issued validly – and how (and if) the LOU arbitration provision should be read with the bill of lading’s arbitration clause. Recent guidance stresses caution in such circumstances.

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Hydrogen in Greece5 May 2021

In the eighth article in our ‘Hydrogen – what is the hype about?’ series, we provide an overview of the state of play of the Greek hydrogen market

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