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COVID-19: An International Construction Perspective27 April 2020

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Many employers, contractors, funders and consultants impacted by COVID -19 will be considering how best to deal with contractual commitments on construction projects across the globe. In order to provide a coordinated response, WFW has brought together a working group of construction disputes experts from across our international network.

In a five-part series, we will publish a new article from the group to assist clients in mitigating risks for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This series (linked below) discusses force majeure, suspension, termination and relevant practical advice in relation to the following jurisdictions: England & Wales, Germany, the Middle East and Asia (with a particular focus on Singapore and Thailand).

We are already advising clients on how to restructure projects, avoid disputes and prosecute or defend claims from coronavirus-related issues on construction projects in our key sectors of energy, transport and real estate. This group was established to bring relevant expertise together and provide a client-focussed offering in response to the pandemic.

The group includes Barry Hembling and Rebecca Williams (UK), Christian Bauer and Philipp Kärcher (Germany), Charlotte Bijlani (UAE), Kay Kian Tan and Lyle Andrews (Thailand) and Josephine Jung (Singapore).

Should you require any advice on the current or anticipated effects of COVID-19, please do get in touch with your usual WFW contact or one of the contacts listed here.

Below are the links for each article:

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