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Bespoke advice across complex projects, advisory and contentious employment and immigration matters with day-to-day operational support.

As social mobility continues to increase, and the framework of our working lives become ever-more regulated, our team handles every aspect of employment law.

Large multinational companies seek our advice on the employment consequences of corporate reorganisation, restructuring and outsourcing arrangements, including in relation to TUPE issues. We are especially strong in the energy and transport industries, where our clients benefit from our understanding of sector-specific commercial drivers and how they impact employment-related situations.

We regularly create customised solutions to complex projects meeting specific requirements within existing business frameworks such as the introduction and reorganisation of compensation schemes. Across potentially contentious matters, our experience ranges from works council and collective bargaining to disciplinary issues and termination of employment. We are experienced in employment law proceedings, regularly representing our clients in tribunals and courts.

In addition to working with our clients to formulate longer term business strategy that takes employment legislation into account, we provide day-to-day operational advice. We see everything from flexible working and parental leave to redundancies, restrictive covenants and bonus schemes where we often take the role of an in-house adviser.


We provide bespoke advice on complex immigration issues to businesses and individuals, whether seeking to establish in or transferring to a new jurisdiction.

Our advice spans all aspects of immigration and includes co-ordinating the entire process from transfer of staff across international operations to hiring migrant workers. We give commercially expedient advice, going the extra mile when faced with time constraints or visa refusals.


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    Remote Working Agreements in Thailand

    This article summarises the key provisions of the Amended LPA which was enacted in Thailand with effect from 18 April 2023 as an amendment to the Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 (1998).

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