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Snacks: Digestible Weekly Labour News – Issue 15411 April 2024


"The digital nomad is defined as an independent consultant who delivers high quality services remotely using digital tools."

In this edition of Snacks, our bitesize weekly Italian employment law update, we look at the following recent cases and notices:
  • deadline to file the biennial report on gender gap postponed;
  • failure to indicate priority in fixed-term contracts and compensation for damages;
  • decree on the entry of “digital nomad” workers into Italy published in the Official Gazette;
  • irrevocable criminal conviction for drug trafficking and unlawful dismissal;
  • appropriation of company assets in NCLA Trade not to be considered criminal offence;
  • criteria for calculating seafarers’ sickness allowance;
  • unlawful transfer and reinstatement of new hires;
  • disciplinary dismissal unlawful if employer refuses oral hearing requested after the dismissal itself;
  • returned workers and access to unemployment scheme;
  • invalidity of collective company agreement signed by less representative unions;
  • illegal checking of company emails and invalid dismissal; and
  • penalties apply for breaching collective agreements and contracts.

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