PROUD Network

Our LGBT+ and Allies Network

PROUD, our LGBT+ and allies network, is an internal resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans employees/partners and their allies.

It aims to empower LGBT+ colleagues to lead the discussion on creating inclusive environments in which everyone can thrive through raising awareness of social issues affecting our LGBT+ employees.  The group is open to anyone at the firm who wants to further LGBT+ inclusion – whether they are LGBT+, or an ally. The PROUD Network also participates in LeGaL BesT, a cross-sector network of law firms committed to furthering LGBT+ Inclusion.

Being an effective LGBT+ Ally

Our PROUD Network has taken steps to empower our people to step up as allies to their LGBT+ colleagues, through sharing practical guidance and hosting a series of events that raise awareness of issues affecting LGBT+ people in the workplace.

This has included a panel event featuring LGBT+ and ally Partners from within our firm, community leaders and client representatives.  A guidance document highlighting practical tips was also shared with everyone at the firm, along with factsheets to mark Bi Visibility Day and Trans Day of Visibility.

The theme of effective allyship continued into our Pride Month celebrations, when we heard from former RAF pilot, Ayla Holdom who shared her inspirational story of transitioning in the armed forces, as well as steps we can all take to be a better ally to trans colleagues.


Inspired by the Pride Month celebrations taking place across our offices in Asia and Sydney, colleagues from our offices in the region launched an APAC Chapter of our Proud Network. The group aims to raise awareness of the unique experiences of LGBT+ people in the region in line with its three objectives – Inform, Educate & Inspire.

Proud’s work in the region is supported by WFW’s membership with Pride in Diversity, a not-for-profit employer support programme for LGBT+ workplace inclusion. As a firm, we work closely with Pride in Diversity to develop our LGBT+ inclusion practices specifically within Australia and collaborate with other member firms (including our clients) to share and develop best practice.

Meet some of our PROUD Network

“Having open conversations about difference helps build an inclusive environment where everyone can be their true selves. Our PROUD Network are achieving this by profiling LGBT+ issues and encouraging colleagues from across our firm to show their support as allies.”

Barry Hembling, PROUD Network Partner Sponsor, London
“PROUD is a very important part of my job at WFW. Working with PROUD to improve the inclusivity of LGBT+ people at work is both challenging and fulfilling. I’ve particularly enjoyed organising events on important dates in the LGBT+ calendar, including Pride and LGBT History Month.”

Maximilian O’Driscoll, Associate, London
“The PROUD APAC Chapter is important to me and my colleagues in Asia. It is a useful resource for those who aren’t aware of LGBTQ+ issues and offers a safe space for our colleagues to discuss these topics in an inclusive environment.”

Kanyapat Nilwan, Senior Business Development Executive, Bangkok
Nathan Eastwood“Visibility is important for the LGBT+ and Ally community. PROUD’s work across the APAC region and beyond is helping to create a community within our workplace where our people are better connected, feel included and can bring their whole selves to work ”

Nathan Eastwood, PROUD Network APAC Partner Sponsor, Sydney