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Snacks: Digestible Weekly Labour News – Issue 15518 April 2024


"The refusal of the full-time employee to opt for the part-time, and vice versa, cannot constitute a lawful ground for their dismissal."

In this edition of Snacks, our bitesize weekly Italian employment law update, we look at the following recent cases and notices:
  • company products given as gifts to employees are considered employment income;
  • unlawful recourse to the salary support fund and indemnification for professional damages;
  • dismissal for physical unfitness and reinstatement for failure to repêchage;
  • failure to implement the safety measures and employees’ contributory negligence in the accident the discharge;
  • social security contributions to be paid also on the allowance in lieu of non-taken holidays leave;
  • canteen allowance and eligibility in severance pay;
  • filing of the discharge and dismissal for cause; and
  • written invite to return to work after judicial reinstatement order.

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