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The things keeping law firm leaders awake at night18 October 2022

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"Clients come to us for real expertise and the 2008 and 2009 recession turned out to be a boom time for us."

Managing Partner Lindsey Keeble is quoted in Byfield’s latest report summarising the findings from their survey to law firm leaders earlier this year, asking about the business issues keeping them awake at night and which of those was most reputationally sensitive.

Byfield’s report emphasises that reputation is not about PR and Marketing – it is about understanding the intersection of reputation and the strategic decision making that impacts law firms’ material stakeholders. The findings underline how the war for talent and cost management issues continue to dominate, while leaders are also concerned about client pressure on fees and cybersecurity threats.

To read what Lindsey had to say on hybrid working, geopolitical instability and recession risk, please download the full report here.

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