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Snacks: Digestible Weekly Labour News – Issue 15916 May 2024


"Working hours in part-time employment contracts must be specified with reference to days, weeks and months of the year."

In this edition of Snacks, our bitesize weekly Italian employment law update, we look at the following recent cases and notices:
  • mandatory safety training even outside normal working hours;
  • revocation of resignation by working parents during the protected period;
  • contribution exemptions on hirings;
  • whistleblowing and retaliatory dismissal;
  • certification of service contracts in confined spaces;
  • performance of other activities during sick leave does not always justify dismissal;
  • employees’ right to preserve the integrity of contributions before social security damage occurs;
  • INPS clarifications on the special salary support scheme for strategic companies;
  • unlawful dismissal for objective reason based on excessive morbidity; and
  • record of settlement is null and void if not signed before the trade unions.

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