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Snacks: Digestible Weekly Labour News – Issue 13316 November 2023


"Collective company agreements allow employers to tailor the employee’s training on their specific business needs."

In this edition of our bitesize weekly Italian employment update, “Snacks”, our team looks at the following recent cases and notices:
  • maternity leave for fostering a child to adopt;
  • loss of holiday entitlement in the event of a prolonged period of illness;
  • complaint for unfair purposes and dismissal for cause;
  • access to PNRR contributions for gender equality certification;
  • change of contract and extension of the social clause to subcontractors;
  • solidarity fund for companies in the environmental sector;
  • disciplinary offence of omission and dismissal for cause;
  • service of documents via PEC with illegible attachments;
  • hiring foreigners after checking with the Job Centre;
  • stressful work environment and dismissal for cause; and
  • irregular service contract of ancillary services in the healthcare sector.