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Energy Partner offers expertise on the future of e-charging in the UK4 September 2020

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London Energy Partner Martin Lucas has written a feature article on the future of e-charging infrastructure in the UK for prominent industry magazine Energy Manager.

The article provides an overview of the e-mobility market in the UK, an analysis of the legal framework for constructing and operating EV charging points and an exploration of the incentives in place to encourage this growth of this market through subsidies and tax benefits. Martin also discusses the different business models existing in the UK e-mobility industry.

Please click here or on the link to the right below Martin’s contact details to read his article in full.

This article was written as part of a wider series of WFW articles on the future of e-charging infrastructure in multiple jurisdictions across Europe, including France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain as well as the UK. Click here to read any of these pieces from our lawyers in those countries. To see all our WFW insights on the e-mobility sector, visit our E-Mobility Hub here.

Energy Manager is a bi-monthly magazine focusses on covering ideas, products, services and solutions to reduce energy for those working in the public sector. They have circa 124,000 online unique internet users.