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Cuba sanctions: At freedom’s mercy8 December 2020

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New York Partner Daniel Pilarski was recently interviewed by bi-monthly trade publication Container Management as part of its in-depth exploration of sanctions in Latin America.

Daniel explains the history of US sanctions with Cuba, America’s oldest ongoing sanctions regime, and highlights the few opportunities available for trade between the two countries. Interviewed before the US Presidential election, Daniel details the recent changes to the regime during President Trump’s tenure in the White House and makes a prediction on the nature of US-Cuba sanctions under a Joe Biden administration. Click here to read the article in full.

You can see more of Daniel’s expert analysis on the Cuba sanctions regime here. It was the fourth of Daniel’s recent seven-part article series on sanctions.

Container Management serves the international container industry. It covers issues relating to handling equipment, intermodal, shipping and transport markets and port development. It has over 230,000 online readers around the world.

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