Corporate Social Responsibility

Global values with a local focus

Our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important element of our business strategy and closely reflects the core values of respect, sharing, communication and integrity that we adopt within our general business.

With offices across the world, we encourage our people to apply the firm’s CSR principles in activities which are meaningful to them and appropriate within their respective jurisdictions, recognising that CSR means different things in different countries

Our core activities reflect who we are as a business:

  • Our people are our greatest strength and we seek to reflect our commitment to investing in them by engaging in local community projects. Examples of this include employee volunteering at local schools and care homes, as well as clothing, food, toy and blood donation drives.
  • Through our respect for diversity, we aim to adopt programmes which encourage diversity at entry level into the legal profession and law firm business services roles. This includes eliminating unconscious bias at the screening stage of our recruitment process to ensure that high performing candidates are selected on merit alone. We also provide work experience for disadvantaged young people and specifically promote opportunities at the firm with diverse/identity groups as part of the recruitment process.
  • We seek to share knowledge and our time generously across our teams so we encourage mentoring and pro bono activities to help others. In recent years our lawyers have worked with organisations involved in the issues related to human rights, freedom of the press, immigration and refugees and disability benefit claims appeals.
  • We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through the adoption of sustainable practices and initiatives. These include recycling, limiting our use of plastics and efficient energy use throughout our offices globally.
  • We give back to the legal community through our participation in the International Lawyers for Africa (ILFA) programme which aims to build excellence and promote the rule of law in Africa by providing access to advanced legal training, networking opportunities and education for African lawyers.