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WFW Head of Italy discusses government’s post-COVID restart plans9 July 2020

WFW Head of Italy Eugenio Tranchino is featured in leading Italian legal publication ItaliaOggi Sette discussing the measures taken by the Italian Government over the last few weeks to support and promote the economic recovery of the country as it eases government restrictions.

Eugenio commented: “With the Cura Italia, Liquidità and Rilancio decrees, it would seem that the government has mainly adopted a welfare model which is not especially  investment-oriented. In addition to the emergency measures adopted so far, it would probably have been preferable to place them alongside an immediate acceleration strategy, using the opportunity presented by the health crisis to multiply investments and reduce bureaucracy and fiscal constraints on private investment in order to give a more decisive boost to the economic recovery. In this regard, there is a delay in the adoption of an economic and strategic plan compared to some European countries which, with lower public debt, have acted more quickly. As history teaches us, times of crisis should be seized as an opportunity to define more efficient development policies than previous ones”.

The full article is available for subscribers here (in Italian).

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