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The Anatomy of an LNG to Power Project21 October 2020

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Whilst LNG-to-Power projects focus on the last third of the LNG value chain, i.e. the supply of LNG to market, the overall LNG value chain comprises an ever-growing number of multiple projects with a variety of sponsors, lenders, governments, contractors and other participants.

With growing numbers of participants, complexity is likely to increase further and a good understanding of the ‘full picture’ of project-on-project risks that are created along the LNG value chain and that will affect LNG-to-Power projects at the end of that chain is paramount.

This is the first of a series of articles which accompanies our webinar series on the subject and will look at the risk matrix for the main components of an LNG-to-Power value chain as well as suitable mitigants, starting with a ‘bigger picture’ approach which will put our later analyses into perspective.

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For more information, please contact London Partner Heike Trischmann.

Nick Dingemans, a former partner in our Singapore office, also contributed to this article.

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