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Snacks: Digestible Weekly Labour News – Issue 12628 September 2023


"By company agreements, levels can be introduced at manager level."

In this edition of our bitesize weekly Italian employment update, “Snacks”, our team looks at the following recent cases and notices:
  • the use of holiday and total sick leave period;
  • to impose sanctions, the INPS can request clarification of the relationship between worker and principal;
  • the extension of the Solimare Fund to all shipowners;
  • mobbing is possible even if a dismissal was lawful;
  • employment tribunals can review statements made by employers in criminal proceedings;
  • statutes of limitation for salary claims apply during an employment relationship;
  • dismissals for business purposes and retaliatory dismissal; and
  • dismissals for unjustified absence that cause organisational disruption are lawful.