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Owners vs. loyalty programs: Time for transparency, shared risk?19 October 2020

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Global Head of Real Estate and London Partner Felicity Jones and Bangkok Partner Alan Polivnick have once again collaborated for a feature article in prominent hospitality trade publication Hotels Magazine.

This piece explores loyalty programmes and how they are affecting the commercial strategy of both hotel owners and brands. Felicity and Alan discuss the recent tensions between owners and brands on this topic as well as the possible cost-neutrality of these programmes and the future options for both parties as government restrictions owing to the Covid-19 pandemic largely remain in place worldwide.

Click here to read the article in full.

This article follows on from a WFW briefing by Felicity and Alan on the same topic. You can read this is full here.
They also appeared in Hotels Magazine in another recent article: ‘Managing the alliance between owners and brands’.

Published by MTG Media Group in Chicago, Ill., Hotels Magazine serves the global hospitality industry, providing relevant content and perspectives for hotel senior management, owners and operators, and other management in 165 countries.

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