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How Courts are Encouraging Mediation in England & Wales22 July 2020

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ACCREDITEd Mediator and practice support lawyer LEAH ALPREN-WATERMAN has written a feature piece on mediation for renowned online legal news platform Law360.

Leah discusses the benefits of mediation, including how its characteristics of flexibility, control and confidentiality offer an alternative route for commercial parties to resolve their disputes.  Noting the English courts’ enthusiastic support for mediation, Leah argues that in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and predictions of a deluge of contractual disputes, it is likely to become an even more essential part of the disputes toolkit.

Click here or on download the PDF on the right beneath Leah’s contact details to read the article in full.

You can also read Leah’s recent in-depth analysis on the growth of mediation in England and Wales on our website here.

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