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Snacks: Digestible Weekly Labour News – Issue 15228 March 2024


"Remuneration transparency helps to reduce gender gap in career paths."

In this edition of Snacks, our bitesize weekly Italian employment law update, we look at the following recent cases and notices:
  • sustainable mobility services “app” for commuters;
  • renewed NCLA for trade regulates grounds for fixed-term contracts;
  • new PRISMA function to check contribution years for the application of the cap;
  • assignment of commercial activities to agents and dismissal lawfulness;
  • liability of the person in charge of a tool that has caused an accident at work;
  • special salary support scheme unlawful without rotation even if the production unit terminates;
  • evidence of the existence and extent of damage caused by demotion;
  • breach of internal freight procedures and just cause for dismissal; and
  • open-ended staff leasing and mission duration limits.

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