WFW Hamburg hosts annual Owners’ Day

25 April 2018

On 17 April, Hamburg Partner Dr Christian Finnern invited clients to WFW’s Owners’ Day at the maritime Hafen Club overlooking the famous port of Hamburg. Around 90 attendees joined the informative networking event to discuss recent developments in the shipping industry.

Together with maritime entrepreneurs Jan Többe (ZEABORN Group), Christian Rychly (MPC Group) and Dr Andreas Pres (PRESPARTNERS GmbH), as well as WFW Partners Alexandros Damianidis (Athens), Steven Hollander (New York) and Daniel Saunders (London), discussed topics including an “Update on sanctions from the perspective of shipping companies”, “Using Marshall Islands and Liberian companies in shipping”, an “English law update for the maritime industry – penalties and bribery rules” and “M&A in the maritime economy – an update”.