Global Aviation Restructuring Index

Welcome to the Global Aviation Restructuring Index (GARI) – created by Watson Farley & Williams to help you easily compare restructuring procedures around the world.

GARI is an online, interactive legal analytics tool developed by Watson Farley & Williams for the aviation industry. It is easily accessible and open to everyone, free of charge.

The ability to compare restructuring procedures has become increasingly important to creditors as airline debtors are more readily seeking to access and take advantage of procedures outside of their home jurisdiction.

By using GARI, lessors, financiers and other creditors can compare, analyse and better understand over 55 restructuring procedures across 30 key aviation jurisdictions (including four new jurisdictions added January 2022) around the world.

GARI is presented in an easy-to-digest infographic model, with numerical scores assigned to each restructuring procedure to make comparisons clearer and easier to understand. We have also highlighted responses that are helpful in determining the extent to which a restructuring process is compliant with the AWG against each such question.

To get started, select a jurisdiction below and a restructuring procedure local to it.

You are able to select two further restructuring procedures to compare in either the same or another jurisdiction. If a restructuring procedure is listed as ‘unavailable’, you may still select and compare it, but this means that it is not accessible to a debtor in the jurisdiction you first selected or, more generally, that the laws of the jurisdiction you first selected do not permit local debtors to access foreign restructuring procedures.




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