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WFW founding partner Alastair Farley retires from the firm

3 October 2014

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Alastair Farley, one of Watson, Farley & Williams’ (“WFW”) founding partners, has stepped down from the firm after 32 years.

One of three partners, along with Martin Watson and Geoffrey Williams, who formed WFW in 1982, Alastair has seen the firm grow into a 133 partner firm with 14 international offices, 780 staff worldwide and annual revenues of £117 million in 2013/14.

He commented: “As a founding partner I have seen the firm grow and flourish far beyond our initial vision. The sheer energy, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit that has brought this about has been a pleasure and privilege to have been a part of, and would not have been possible without the fantastic people who have made the firm what it is today.”

WFW Managing Partner Chris Lowe, said: “We obviously all owe Alastair a huge debt of gratitude and we thank him for his enormous contribution to the culture and success of WFW. He leaves behind a legacy of innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that we will continue to build upon. Alastair will be continuing with his existing independent consultancy practice, with which we wish him well.”