Letters of Quiet Enjoyment

29 February 2016

In the context of the charter of a vessel or offshore unit, the term “quiet enjoyment” refers to the legal right of a lessee or charterer to the undisturbed use and enjoyment of the vessel or unit that it has leased or chartered.

UK: Employment Insight – Disclosure of Documents and Legal Privilege

25 February 2016

It is all too easy for an employer to create or obtain material which may need to be disclosed if an employment dispute arises, and which could damage the employer’s position.

Disclosure Requirements Extended to People With Significant Control – Be Prepared!

18 February 2016

From 6 April 2016, the majority of UK incorporated companies and limited liability partnerships will be required to maintain a register of people with significant control.

Pharma Companies Fined for Pay-For-Delay Agreements

17 February 2016

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority has imposed fines of £45 million on GlaxoSmithKline and suppliers of generic medicines for pay-for-delay agreements.

The New German IT Security Act

12 February 2016

With the new German IT Security Act, the requirements for website operators, telecommunications companies and operators of critical infrastructures have increased.

L’aumento del sovracanone di bacino imbrifero montano a discapito dei piccoli impianti idroelettrici è legge

9 February 2016

Il presente Client Alert fornisce un quadro di sintesi delle principali novità introdotte dall’entrata in vigore il 2 febbraio 2016 della "Legge sulla green economy”, le previsioni introdotte dall’art.62 e l’impatto sui piccoli impianti idroelettrici.