Hotel Investments in Germany

2 September 2016

For various reasons the German hotel market has become very attractive for foreign investors. What are the key considerations for those contemplating investing in the local hotel market from a German legal and tax perspective?

Dealing with Sanctions and Anti-Avoidance Boycott Measures Under German and European Law in Financing Transactions

18 August 2016

Where a cross-border deal is subject to sanctions laws, a particular conflict may arise. How can this conflict be resolved so that neither the sanctions laws nor the blocking statutes are infringed?

Das Neue Windernergie-Auf-See-Gesetz

21 July 2016

Dieses Briefing diskutiert das Gesetz zur Förderung und Entwicklung der Windenergie auf See, welches am 1. Januar 2017 in Kraft tritt.

Germany: The New German Offshore Wind Act

21 July 2016

A discussion on the key terms of the WindSeeG.

EEG Novelle 2017

21 July 2016

In diesem Briefing stellen wir das EEG 2017 vor, das am 1. Januar 2017 in Kraft tritt.

Germany: EEG Amendment 2017

21 July 2016

The German Federal Parliament has introduced an auction system for electricity from renewable energy sources and amended the law on renewable energy.