Capital Markets Update – AIM Companies – Action Required: Have you obtained a legal entity identifier code yet?

19 October 2017

A recent announcement requires AIM companies to register for a legal entity identifier code by 30 November 2017.

Beware of Variations to Sectional Completion Provisions – Precision is Key

19 October 2017

Why is the recent case Vinci Construction UK Ltd v Beumer Group so significant for the construction industry?

Unclear Surety Instruments Guarantee Trouble?

12 October 2017

This briefing examines the Commercial Court's interpretation of guarantees and on demand bonds, the lifeblood of international trade.

Short-term lettings—snags in the sharing economy

4 October 2017

Dev Desai and Tom Bumstead give a brief guide to short-term lettings in the UK and examine the problems they present for LexisNexis October 2017.

Spanish Renewables Bounce Back

4 October 2017

Four years since the reform of the regulatory regime for renewable energy in Spain, María Pilar García Guijarro and Eduardo Dachary Glaría review how large new projects have been, and will be impacted for Project Finance International EMEA Report September 2017.

Thailand’s Hybrid Firm PPA Scheme

3 October 2017

Following an announcement from the Energy Regulatory Commission, Thailand has switched to a new hybrid firm PPA scheme.