Port States to form backbone of sulphur cap compliance

9 November 2017

Toby Royal discusses vessels that are non-compliant with upcoming marine sulphur regulations for Argus Media. 

Responsibility for Concurrent Delay

8 November 2017

Where concurrent delay does occur, what must a contractor establish between the employer's actions alone and the prevention of timely completion?

US Sanctions Target Venezuela’s PdVSA

31 October 2017

The US has imposed new sanctions on the Government of Venezuela, including PdVSA. What is the impact of these sanctions and what should external parties now be aware of?

Blocking Access to BIM?

27 October 2017

Will employers have a continued right to access BIM data when a dispute arises with a BIM co-ordinator?

The “Posidon” Suppliers Fail to Turn Claim Rankings Upside Down

25 October 2017

A recent Singapore case provides a useful reminder that when distributing the proceeds from a judicial sale, the order of priorities is not set in stone.

Financing Solar Rooftop Portfolios in ASEAN – Part II

23 October 2017

What are the key structuring and documentation issues parties looking to finance their solar projects in ASEAN should be aware of?