Update on the New Italian Carried Interest Tax Regime

8 May 2017

The Italian Government has issued new tax regime for carried interest and proceeds deriving from similar arrangements.

Update on the Italian “Decreto Romani”

29 March 2017

The Italian Constitutional Court has ruled that the 10-year exclusion from renewable energy incentives is unconstitutional.

Ultime Novità sul Decreto Romani – Marzo 2017

20 March 2017

La Corte Costituzionale ha dichiarato l’illegittimità costituzionale degli articoli 23, comma 3, e 43, comma 1, del c.d. Decreto Romani. Il presente briefing offre un approfondimento a riguardo.

Update on the New Italian Non-Dom Tax Regime – March 2017

17 March 2017

What are the updates on the new Italian Non-Dom Tax Regime?

International Lending and the Effects of Insolvency in Germany

17 February 2017

What are the risks faced by international and domestic lenders when dealing with a borrower in financial difficulties in Germany?

Ultime Novità sul Decreto “Spalma Incentivi”

15 February 2017

Approfondimento sulle ultime novità relative al decreto “Spalma Incentivi”. Il giudizio di legittimità della Corte Costituzionale