Liberian Bearer Shares Deadline Approaching

19 December 2018

We write to raise awareness of an urgent deadline in 2019 for Liberian corporations that have issued or are authorized to issue bearer shares and the holders or beneficial owners of such shares. Failure to meet this deadline may result in severe penalties.

Burden of Proof Under the Hague Rules – Confirmation from the Supreme Court

17 December 2018

In a significant recent judgment, the UK Supreme Court has addressed the question of who bears the burden of proof in a claim against a shipowner for loss of, or damage to, cargo.

Thai Court’s Approach on Fraudulent Asset Transfers in Restructuring

12 December 2018

Recent experience in the Thai courts shows that acting in accordance with bank guidance during a corporate restructuring will not necessarily shield a company and it's management from liability for fraudulent asset transfers.

Landmark Court of Appeal Decision on Ship Arrest Counter-Security and Wrongful Arrest Damages

11 December 2018

In a landmark ruling that has brought welcome clarity to a legal ‘hot topic’ that has been debated for many years, the English Court of Appeal has now upheld1 the first instance decision of the Admiralty Court in The Alkyon.

“LiVE”: Thailand’s Blockchain-based OTC Platform for Startups

11 December 2018

This is the final briefing in our series on cryptocurrency and blockchain in Thailand. The previous editions focused on the regulation of ICOs and digital token offerings in Thailand, Thailand’s licensing regime for digital asset businesses, and investor protection in Thailand for ICOs and digital tokens.

Towards a more favourable legal framework for project finance in Africa?

10 December 2018

Laurence Martinez-Bellet, Arnaud Troizier and Jonathan Djenaoussine discuss the main challenges in financing and developing renewable energy projects in Africa in an interview given to French magazine Décideurs. [In French]