Energy Briefing – Offshore Wind in Germany

3 July 2012

This briefing discusses the grid development necessary to bring electricity from offshore wind projects in Germany to shore.

Energie Briefing: Solar

29 June 2012

Einspeisevergütung Solaranlagen – Wesentliche gesetzliche Neuregelungen sind beschlossen.

Eurozone Crisis and Loan Documentation

21 May 2012

This briefing considers the impact of the eurozone crisis on current and future loan agreements.

Private Client Briefing

5 March 2012

In advance of the Budget on 21 March, this briefing sets out the current position in relation to UK resident individuals and details some of the changes they can expect.

EU and German Merger Control

20 January 2012

This briefing provides an introduction to EU and German merger control procedures.

EU Proposal for a Regulation on Safety of Offshore Oil & Gas Prospection Exploration and Production Activities

24 November 2011

This briefing discusses the legislative activity surrounding the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.