Thailand – Directors and Officers Briefing

1 December 2011

This briefing discusses the responsibilities of Directors and Officers of Thai companies in relation to the recent floods.

Employment Briefing – Thailand: Positive Discrimination Regulations

1 December 2011

This briefing discusses new positive discrimination workplace regulations for disabled employees in Thailand.

Shipping Tax Briefing

29 November 2011

This briefing provides updates on shipping tax - inncluding articles such as: "UK Tonnage Tax - A Return to Certainty?" and "China - Reinterpration of Tax Treaties".

EU Proposal for a Regulation on Safety of Offshore Oil & Gas Prospection Exploration and Production Activities

24 November 2011

This briefing discusses the legislative activity surrounding the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.

Natural Resources & Energy Briefing – Resource Nationalism

16 November 2011

This Briefing highlights some of the risks of resource nationalism and discusses the potential benefits for projects that qualify under bilateral investment treaties (BIT).

UK Corporate Briefing – November 2011

10 November 2011

This briefing discusses corporate law issues such as directors, equity markets, Takeover Code changes and the Bribery Act.