New Royal Decree 1699/2011

16 December 2011

On the 8th December 2011, The Spanish Official Gazette published Royal Decree 1699/2011, dated 18 November, which regulates the network connection of electricity production for small power renewable energy and cogeneration facilities.

Thailand – Directors and Officers Briefing

1 December 2011

This briefing discusses the responsibilities of Directors and Officers of Thai companies in relation to the recent floods.

Employment Briefing – Thailand: Positive Discrimination Regulations

1 December 2011

This briefing discusses new positive discrimination workplace regulations for disabled employees in Thailand.

Shipping Tax Briefing

29 November 2011

This briefing provides updates on shipping tax - inncluding articles such as: "UK Tonnage Tax - A Return to Certainty?" and "China - Reinterpration of Tax Treaties".

EU Proposal for a Regulation on Safety of Offshore Oil & Gas Prospection Exploration and Production Activities

24 November 2011

This briefing discusses the legislative activity surrounding the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.

Natural Resources & Energy Briefing – Resource Nationalism

16 November 2011

This Briefing highlights some of the risks of resource nationalism and discusses the potential benefits for projects that qualify under bilateral investment treaties (BIT).