Eurozone Crisis and Loan Documentation

21 May 2012

This briefing considers the impact of the eurozone crisis on current and future loan agreements.

Energy Briefing: Italy – Transitional regime between the Fourth and the Fifth Conto Energia

3 May 2012

This briefing discusses whether ground-mounted photovoltaic plants installed over agricultural land still have a chance to gain incentive tariffs.

New Indonesian Mining Regulations and Resource Nationalism

13 April 2012

This briefing discusses new regulations in Indonesia, which in effect pave the way for a local takeover of majority control of foreign-owned mining concession companies.

Indonesia Accelerates the Ban on Export of Ore and Raw Minerals to May 2012

13 April 2012

In this briefing, we cover Indonesia's recent ministerial decree to expedite the ban on new contracts for the export of ore or raw minerals from 2014 to May 2012.

Employment Briefing: Edition Two 2012

2 April 2012

This edition of our regular briefing highlights some recent cases and discusses the taxation of termination payments.

Competition Briefing – Shipping Cartel Fined

29 March 2012

This briefing discusses the decision of AGCM, the Italian competition authority, to impose fines on members of a shipping cartel that was found to have fixed prices for agency services.