The Energy Efficiency Directive – how will it affect you?

2 July 2012

This briefing provides an overview of the proposed Energy Efficiency Directive, which is getting closer to being formally approved.

Energie Briefing: Solar

29 June 2012

Einspeisevergütung Solaranlagen – Wesentliche gesetzliche Neuregelungen sind beschlossen.

UK Employment Briefing – Edition Three 2012

28 June 2012

This edition of our regular employment briefings covers the topics of stress and the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill.

UK Corporate Briefing – June 2012

27 June 2012

This briefing focuses on changes to the UK prospectus regime and highlights some recent decisions in relation to market abuse.

Turbulent Times for Turbines

14 June 2012

This briefing from our energy and planning teams discusses the debate between wind farm developers and local communities.

Marine Insurance – The Inherent Vice Defence Fails Again

13 June 2012

This briefing discusses recent cases in which the "Inherent Vice" defence has been unsuccessful.