What Future for Solar Power Incentives on Agricultural Land in Italy?

26 March 2012

This briefing provides a summary of the key features of Law no. 27 of 24 March 2012.

UK Budget 2012 – Real Estate briefing

23 March 2012

This briefing highlights the implications of the UK 2012 budget for residential properties.

UK Budget 2012 – Tax Briefing

22 March 2012

The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his 2012 Budget on Wednesday 21 March 2012. This briefing highlights the most significant changes in relation to business and potential investors.

Greek Petroleum Exploration Concessions

7 March 2012

This briefing discusses the announcement by the Greek government that it intends to launch an international call for proposals for exploration and drilling concessions.

Private Client Briefing

5 March 2012

In advance of the Budget on 21 March, this briefing sets out the current position in relation to UK resident individuals and details some of the changes they can expect.

Solar PV Feed-In Tariffs: The Story So Far…

28 February 2012

This briefing takes stock of the current solar PV landscape, and examines questions that remain outstanding, including the appeal to the Supreme Court.