Marshall Islands Bearer Shares Deadline Approaching

1 October 2018

This briefing highlights an urgent obligation applicable to the holders and beneficial owners of bearer certificates of Marshall Islands corporations.

Thailand Eases Foreign Exchange Controls

27 September 2018

The Bank of Thailand launched its latest programme of foreign exchange regulation reform in June 2017. Now, a year into the programme's implementation, we provide an update on the progress so far and what Thailand and foreign investors can expect in the future.

Duties owed by mortgagees of ships when exercising their “power of sale”

25 September 2018

Charles Buss, John Kissane and David Osborne discuss the recent English Admirality Court decision in Close Brothers v (1) AIS (Marine) 2 Limited (2) Paul Chandler.

The future is all Reit

24 September 2018

Mohammed Kamal and Amy Jones take a look at the Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”) landscape in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) and the wider GCC.

Blockchain, Banking and the “New Normal”

20 September 2018

In the second part of this blockchain series, Neale Downes and Michael Savva examine the benefits and potential pitfalls of blockchain technology in the banking and finance industry.

Aircraft Redelivery Disputes ‘Taking-Off’

19 September 2018

Marcus Gordon, Charles Viggers and Katherine Huang discuss why aircraft redelivery disputes arise and how the issues can be dealt with in commercial negotiations.