Shop talk: Flagging up Vietnamese solar finance

1 July 2019

TXF spoke to Hanoi's Linh Doan and Hong Kong's Michael Folsom to find out more about the solar energy generation in Vietnam.

A new PPA template for Vietnamese wind projects

3 June 2019

This briefing outlines the key changes to the terms of Vietnam’s wind power purchase agreement (“PPA”) under the new Circular No.02/2019/TT-BCT (“Circular 02”)

New guidance on Vietnamese wind projects

8 April 2019

Linh Doan, Michael Folsom and Edmund Poon provide some helpful guidance for understanding how Circular 02 will effect Vietnamese wind projects.

New feed-in-tariff mechanism for Vietnamese solar energy projects

1 March 2019

The Vietnamese government has considered new solar feed-in-tariffs which will be in place for approximately two years. Linh Doan, Michael Folsom and Edmund Poon examine the effect it will have on solar projects in Vietnam.