Tightening US sanctions on PdVSA will impact shipping

29 January 2019

Subject to limited relief for winding down existing transactions, much of the international shipping community will be required to cut off trade with PdVSA, and those who elect to continue dealing with it should do so with extreme caution.

Liberian Bearer Shares Deadline Approaching

19 December 2018

We write to raise awareness of an urgent deadline in 2019 for Liberian corporations that have issued or are authorized to issue bearer shares and the holders or beneficial owners of such shares. Failure to meet this deadline may result in severe penalties.

The Iranian sanctions have widespread impact on project industry

10 October 2018

New York Partner Daniel Pilarski, examines the impact of the US sanctions on Iran the projects industry (especially as relating to the petroleum sector) in the American Journal of Transportation.

Marshall Islands Bearer Shares Deadline Approaching

1 October 2018

This briefing highlights an urgent obligation applicable to the holders and beneficial owners of bearer certificates of Marshall Islands corporations.

Duties owed by mortgagees of ships when exercising their “power of sale”

25 September 2018

Charles Buss, John Kissane and David Osborne discuss the recent English Admirality Court decision in Close Brothers v (1) AIS (Marine) 2 Limited (2) Paul Chandler.

US Withdrawal From JCPOA: US Sanctions and EU Countermeasures

23 May 2018

What are the effects of the US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the EU countermeasures?