UAE Financial Leasing Law

16 April 2019

The Financial Leasing Law has the potential to provide a systematic change to the regulatory landscape surrounding finance leasing in UAE. Read more to stay updated on the matter.

Third Party Funding in the Middle East

11 March 2019

In this briefing we consider the benefits of Third Party Funding and how there are increased opportunities for court litigation and arbitration funding in the Middle East and in particular the UAE.

New UAE Foreign Direct Investment Law

15 November 2018

What does the new Foreign Direct Investment Law mean for foreign investors, and which services will be affected by the change?

The future is all Reit

24 September 2018

Mohammed Kamal and Amy Jones take a look at the Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”) landscape in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) and the wider GCC.

Blockchain, Banking and the “New Normal”

20 September 2018

In the second part of this blockchain series, Neale Downes and Michael Savva examine the benefits and potential pitfalls of blockchain technology in the banking and finance industry.

The new movables pledge law: and what it means for secured lending in the UAE

4 September 2018

In this briefing, Michael Savva and Alice Atkinson discuss the new regime for the registration of mortgages over movable assets in the UAE.