An Update on Renewable Energy in Iran

10 April 2018

What are the major recent developments in Iran's vision to promote renewable energy?

¿Cuáles son los mecanismos habituales de protección de los socios minoritarios en los pactos parasociales?

13 December 2017

Artículo de Ana Lorenzo, Abogada Senior en la nueva edición de Capital & Corporate Magazine sobre los mecanismos de protección de socios minoritarios en pactos parasociales.

Spanish Renewables Bounce Back

4 October 2017

Four years since the reform of the regulatory regime for renewable energy in Spain, María Pilar García Guijarro and Eduardo Dachary Glaría review how large new projects have been, and will be impacted for Project Finance International EMEA Report September 2017.

“Home is Where the Heart is”. Domicile, Jurisdiction, and Anchor Defendants

6 September 2017

A recent case addressed the question of when a defendant can be considered to be domiciled in England and therefore subject to its courts’ jurisdiction.

Entrevista con Maria Pilar García Guijarro

16 June 2017

Entrevista a María Pilar García Guijarro, social directora WFW España, analizando el mercado de M&A y Private Equity en España en 2017 y las tendencias del sector energético e infraestructuras.

Update on ICSID Arbitration Award: Eiser Infrastructure Ltd v Kingdom of Spain

10 May 2017

The ICISD Arbitral Tribunal has given an award against Spain in an arbitration relating to measures the country adopted in 2009-13 that affected the incentive regime in favour of concentrated solar power plants.