Lazio administrative regional court affirms that Tremonti Ambiente and Conto Energia benefits are cumulative

13 June 2019

This briefing discusses the Italian court's significant recent decision for operators in the renewables energy market after WFW successfully advised A.C.E.P.E.R.

Airbus SAS v Generali Italia Spa: Can insurers enjoy duty free forum shopping?

31 May 2019

Andrew Hutcheon and Jack Moulder discuss the recent decision of the English Court of Appeal in Airbus S.A.S v Generali Italia concerning an exclusive jurisdiction clause in an airframe warranties agreement.

Tremonti Ambiente compatible with the Conti Energia

30 May 2019

The Administrative Court of Lazio (TAR) upheld a WFW claim against the GSE for the compatibility of a tax benefit under the law Tremonti Ambiente, subsequent to the II Energy Accounts. This briefing is in Italian.

Italian “Growth Decree”

14 May 2019

Alfredo Guacci Esposito looks at the “Growth Decree”, Law Decree n. 34, which introduces several provisions aimed at boosting the Italian economy.

New tax settlement procedures in Italy

25 February 2019

This new favourable tax settlement procedures aims to reduce costs and the length of cases.

Italian Non-Dom Tax Legislation: Recent developments

7 February 2019

From 1 January 2019, a new optional tax regime will be applicable for individuals receiving foreign pensions and moving their tax residence to Southern Italy.