Developments in the Vietnamese Renewable Energy Sector

3 October 2018

Linh Doan and Tom Gray discuss the Vietnamese Government's intention to procure a series of clean energy projects.

Aircraft Redelivery Disputes ‘Taking-Off’

19 September 2018

Marcus Gordon, Charles Viggers and Katherine Huang discuss why aircraft redelivery disputes arise and how the issues can be dealt with in commercial negotiations.

Asian Financing for Global Shipping – ECA Finance, Chinese and Japanese Leasing

18 September 2018

Watson Farley & William's Madeline Leong discusses the current and future state of Asian financing for global shipping with Marine Money.

Fluctuating oil prices revisited: contractual pressure points and lessons learnt

14 August 2018

This briefing provides an update on the January 2016 briefing “Fluctuating Oil Prices: Contractual Pressure Points and Lessons Learnt", and discusses how increased oil prices now affect contracts and offers solutions to some common issues.

The Philippines: Key issues for developing renewable energy projects

3 August 2018

This briefing considers a number of potential issues that investors should look out for when developing renewable energy projects, particularly wind and solar power, in the Philippines.

Developing Wind and Solar Power in Vietnam: Key Issues

30 January 2018

What are the potential issues that need to be taken into account by investors considering developing or investing in solar or wind power in Vietnam?