Airbus SAS v Generali Italia Spa: Can insurers enjoy duty free forum shopping?

31 May 2019

Andrew Hutcheon and Jack Moulder discuss the recent decision of the English Court of Appeal in Airbus S.A.S v Generali Italia concerning an exclusive jurisdiction clause in an airframe warranties agreement.

Full Metal Jacket: Change of trustee in Utah aircraft owning common law trust triggers a metal transfer

21 May 2019

Dominic Pearson looks into the nature of common law trusts in Utah and how this affects aircraft owners. He considers the requirements for a metal transfer in the event of a change of trustee.

UAE Financial Leasing Law

16 April 2019

The Financial Leasing Law has the potential to provide a systematic change to the regulatory landscape surrounding finance leasing in UAE. Read more to stay updated on the matter.

IMO 2020 sulphur requirements: Key contract issues for shipowners to consider

12 April 2019

Our authors look at the key issues for shipowners in contracts for the acquisition, transport, installation and commissioning of scrubbers to meet IMO 2020 sulphur requirements.

Fire on board! When can an owner rely on the “fire” defence under the Hague-Visby rules?

2 April 2019

Partner Evangelos and Associate Iliana discuss the scope of the fire defence under Article IV Rule 2(b) and its availability to a vessel’s carrier.

Airlines and social media: web is mightier than the sword?

25 February 2019

In this era of constant communication, airlines are responding to passenger demands and expectations for online connectivity during flights. In this latest briefing, we consider why on board Wi-Fi may be the most dangerous thing on an aircraft.