US secondary sanctions on Iran and the EU Blocking Statute: Implications for the shipping industry

15 August 2018

On 7 August 2018, both the first wave of re-imposed US secondary sanctions, and the EU Blocking Statute took effect, creating the potential for a significant conflict: how can we comply with two incompatible laws at the same time?

No cross-undertakings in damages for ship arrests

3 August 2018

Charles Buss and Nick Payne discuss the recent decision of the Admiralty Court in London, Natwest Markets Plc v Stallion Eight Shipping Co. S.A., in which we acted for the successful party. Has the recent decision confirmed the attractiveness of England as a jurisdiction for the arrest of ships?

Marine Money: The Sale of Shipping Loan Portfolios/Shipping NPLs

22 June 2018

Kavita Shah looks at the market for secondary debt packaged as portfolios of loans in the shipping sector. What are the drivers that lead a bank to sell? What are the factors leading a purchaser to decide to buy? And what are the challenges associated with such transactions?

Shipping Waste and Waste Ships

11 May 2018

What are the international and EU laws that govern the transboundary movement of waste and the end-of-life scrapping of ships and what is the potential impact of Brexit on the UK’s international obligations in these areas?

The Sertão – Judicial Sales of (Specialist) Ships (in Unusual Market Conditions)

11 May 2018

A concern of ship mortgagees, when enforcing their security by way of arrest and sale, is to ensure that the court does not sell the mortgaged ship for a low ‘forced sale’ price. The English Admiralty Court recently did so in making an order for sale in the case of The Sertão.

UK Tonnage Tax: A Short Guide

3 May 2018

Tonnage Tax has turned 18 years old. Whilst most people connected to shipping have heard of it and how it works is not always clear to everyone who comes across it. This Briefing provides a short insight into the basics of UK tonnage tax.

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