Pirate Ship Hijacking, who pays for the delay?

8 May 2019

Partner Evangelos Catsambas looks at the English High Court’s clarification of the scope of a typical time charterparty capture/seizure/arrest clause in the context of ship piracy and its impact on the shipping community.

Checking the right boxes to secure financing

1 May 2019

Our Partners, Lindsey Keeble, Christina Howard and Florian Kutzbach deliver key financing advice. First published by Port Strategy here:

IMO 2020 sulphur requirements: Key contract issues for shipowners to consider

12 April 2019

Our authors look at the key issues for shipowners in contracts for the acquisition, transport, installation and commissioning of scrubbers to meet IMO 2020 sulphur requirements.

Ship passage plans – no room for error!

3 April 2019

Following a recent judgment, shipowners will have to ensure that, through its agents and servants, due diligence is exercised to produce a non-defective passage plan that clearly contains the necessary warnings.

Fire on board! When can an owner rely on the “fire” defence under the Hague-Visby rules?

2 April 2019

Partner Evangelos and Associate Iliana discuss the scope of the fire defence under Article IV Rule 2(b) and its availability to a vessel’s carrier.

Urteil Zur Tonnagesteuer

20 February 2019

Der Bundesfinanzhof (BHF) entscheidet für eine Kürzung der Auflösungsgewinne in Höhe von 80% für Zwecke der Gewerbesteuer aus Unterschiedsbeträgen, die bei Übergang in die Tonnagesteuer zu bilden sind.