US secondary sanctions on Iran and the EU Blocking Statute: Implications for the shipping industry

15 August 2018

On 7 August 2018, both the first wave of re-imposed US secondary sanctions, and the EU Blocking Statute took effect, creating the potential for a significant conflict: how can we comply with two incompatible laws at the same time?

Do arbitration agreements in bills of lading bind their holders?

14 August 2018

In Sea Masters Shipping Inc v Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, the Court ruled that the holder of a bill of lading which includes or incorporates an arbitration agreement will be subject to the jurisdiction of a tribunal formed under the arbitration agreement.

UK national security screening of commercial transactions: fundamental reform on the way

2 August 2018

How will the UK Government's reform of national security for commercial transactions create new challenges for the UK? What are the implications of the proposed new regime in relation to Brexit?

GDPR and PDPB: What do you need to know about data privacy and protection?

10 July 2018

Our Bangkok team discuss data privacy and protection under Thai law, the Personal Data protection Bill, and how GDPR will apply to Thai companies.

Public infrastructure in France

28 June 2018

Arnaud Troizier comments on the public projects’ market in France, including the refinancing of the PPP Balard project (the “French Pentagon”) and the challenges faced by public entities as well as the opportunities offered by the financial and contractual schemes available

US Withdrawal From JCPOA: US Sanctions and EU Countermeasures

23 May 2018

What are the effects of the US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the EU countermeasures?

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