Smash and Grab Adjudications: A Pathway Through The Thicket

29 November 2018

In a significant decision for the construction industry, the UK Court of Appeal has heralded an end to "smash and grab" adjudications.

VAT reverse charge for construction services from 1 October 2019

9 August 2018

A VAT “reverse charge” for business-to-business supplies of certain construction services is due to apply from 1 October 2019. How should you prepare?

Recent developments in UK onshore oil & gas exploration

2 August 2018

Colin Graham discusses the regulatory developments affecting onshore exploration in relation to the recent fracture consent given to Cuadrilla Resources.

Planning – Permissions in Principle

11 July 2018

This briefing discusses the new Permissions in Principle (“PIP”) consent route for small housing-led developments, providing a summary of when they can be used and their limitations, as well as some thoughts on what impact they might have in practice.

Stamping out Smash and Grab Adjudications?

23 April 2018

Has the English Court signalled the end of "smash and grab" adjudications?

SPV Without a “P” and the Narrow Scope of the Power Generation Exclusion

13 March 2018

In a judgment which will be of particular interest to the energy sector, how narrowly will the English High Court interpret the definition of “excluded operations” in the Construction Act 1996?