Practical completion

30 May 2019

New guidance has been provided by the Court of Appeal about when a construction project completes. The guidance will be of particular relevance to those carrying out construction works in the hotel, student accommodation and care home sectors and where it is important that room sizes meet specified dimensions.

Landmark decision on resisting enforcement of adjudication decision on grounds of fraud

17 April 2019

In a very significant decision handed down today, the English High Court has refused to enforce an adjudication decision on the basis that there was a properly arguable defence that the decision had been obtained by fraud. The case, in which WFW acted for the successful party, appears to be the first occasion on which the court has refused to order enforcement in such circumstances.

The impact of a recent decision on “smash and grab” and “true value” adjudications

16 April 2019

Greater clarity and guidance to the construction industry has been provided regarding when a paying party which is the subject of a so called “smash and grab” adjudication may then launch a separate “true value” adjudication.

Smash and Grab Adjudications: A Pathway Through The Thicket

29 November 2018

In a significant decision for the construction industry, the UK Court of Appeal has heralded an end to "smash and grab" adjudications.

VAT reverse charge for construction services from 1 October 2019

9 August 2018

A VAT “reverse charge” for business-to-business supplies of certain construction services is due to apply from 1 October 2019. How should you prepare?

Recent developments in UK onshore oil & gas exploration

2 August 2018

Colin Graham discusses the regulatory developments affecting onshore exploration in relation to the recent fracture consent given to Cuadrilla Resources.