New feed-in-tariff mechanism for Vietnamese solar energy projects

1 March 2019

The Vietnamese government has considered new solar feed-in-tariffs which will be in place for approximately two years. Linh Doan, Michael Folsom and Edmund Poon examine the effect it will have on solar projects in Vietnam.

Taiwan feed-in-tariff 2019: Is it enough?

26 February 2019

The Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan announced Taiwan’s new feed-in- tariff regime for renewable power generation projects in January 2019.

US secondary sanctions on Iran and the EU Blocking Statute: Implications for the shipping industry

15 August 2018

On 7 August 2018, both the first wave of re-imposed US secondary sanctions, and the EU Blocking Statute took effect, creating the potential for a significant conflict: how can we comply with two incompatible laws at the same time?

Recent developments in UK onshore oil & gas exploration

2 August 2018

Colin Graham discusses the regulatory developments affecting onshore exploration in relation to the recent fracture consent given to Cuadrilla Resources.

UK national security screening of commercial transactions: fundamental reform on the way

2 August 2018

How will the UK Government's reform of national security for commercial transactions create new challenges for the UK? What are the implications of the proposed new regime in relation to Brexit?

Aviation Update

24 May 2018

This aviation update discusses a recent decision of the CJEU, the English Supreme Court’s refusal of Emirates’ application for permission to appeal the decision of the CA, and some guidance for air carriers in relation to GDPR.