Blockchain, Banking and the “New Normal”

20 September 2018

In the second part of this blockchain series, Neale Downes and Michael Savva examine the benefits and potential pitfalls of blockchain technology in the banking and finance industry.

The new movables pledge law: and what it means for secured lending in the UAE

4 September 2018

In this briefing, Michael Savva and Alice Atkinson discuss the new regime for the registration of mortgages over movable assets in the UAE.

Do arbitration agreements in bills of lading bind their holders?

14 August 2018

In Sea Masters Shipping Inc v Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, the Court ruled that the holder of a bill of lading which includes or incorporates an arbitration agreement will be subject to the jurisdiction of a tribunal formed under the arbitration agreement.

Iran’s SEO mulls green Sukuk regulations

12 July 2018

Partners Ahmad Khonsari and Neale Downes comment on Iran’s plan to develop a regulatory framework for green sukuks as part of its target of installing 5,000 MW of renewable energy nationwide by 2020. This article first appeared in IFN Volume 15 Issue 27 on the 4th of July 2018.

Vorsichtiges Abrücken von einer früheren, als ‚Flowtex‘ benannten Entscheidung

26 June 2018

Insolvenz und Umfang des Verwertungsrechts des Insolvenzverwalters: Die Entscheidung des Bundesgerichtshofs v. 11.1.2018 zum Verwertungsrecht des Verwalters wird analysiert und deren Auswirkung besprochen.

New rail reform and opening the market up to competition

26 June 2018

While the draft law for the new rail reform has been adopted, investors are getting ready for the opening up of the sector to competition. Alexia Russell looks at what is at stake and the sector’s current financial limitations.

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