Liberian Bearer Shares Deadline Approaching

19 December 2018

We write to raise awareness of an urgent deadline in 2019 for Liberian corporations that have issued or are authorized to issue bearer shares and the holders or beneficial owners of such shares. Failure to meet this deadline may result in severe penalties.

“LiVE”: Thailand’s Blockchain-based OTC Platform for Startups

11 December 2018

This is the final briefing in our series on cryptocurrency and blockchain in Thailand. The previous editions focused on the regulation of ICOs and digital token offerings in Thailand, Thailand’s licensing regime for digital asset businesses, and investor protection in Thailand for ICOs and digital tokens.

The Marketing of Investments in Thailand: Understanding The Regulators

28 November 2018

This briefing considers the risk of violations of licensing laws by securities business operators and advertising agencies in the Thai market.

Investor Protection in Thailand for ICOs and Digital Token Trading

26 November 2018

This is the third briefing in a four part cryptocurrency series. Our authors look at investor protection in Thailand for ICOs and Digital Token trading.

Growth of the JOLCO structure

21 November 2018

Singapore Partner Mehraab Nazir, who is well-known for his leasing work in Asia, has had an article on the “Growth of the JOLCO structure” published in this month’s Marine Money legal issue.

New UAE Foreign Direct Investment Law

15 November 2018

What does the new Foreign Direct Investment Law mean for foreign investors, and which services will be affected by the change?