Pay Now, Arbitrate Later?

10 October 2018

This briefing looks at the recent English High Court decision that has given clarity to parties on the question of when a dispute concerning the enforcement of an adjudicator’s decision falls within the scope of the arbitration agreement exception at Article 8 of the JCT contract.

The Iranian sanctions have widespread impact on project industry

10 October 2018

New York Partner Daniel Pilarski, examines the impact of the US sanctions on Iran the projects industry (especially as relating to the petroleum sector) in the American Journal of Transportation.

Banks caught by EU-US Iran sanctions clash

9 October 2018

Ahmad Khonsari and Stefan Hoffmann write for Informa's the Compliance Monitor about the 'Blocking Statute' entered into on 7 October 2018, prohibiting compliance with the US secondary sanctions against Iran.

Developments in the Vietnamese Renewable Energy Sector

3 October 2018

Linh Doan and Tom Gray discuss the Vietnamese Government's intention to procure a series of clean energy projects.

Marshall Islands Bearer Shares Deadline Approaching

1 October 2018

This briefing highlights an urgent obligation applicable to the holders and beneficial owners of bearer certificates of Marshall Islands corporations.

Thailand Eases Foreign Exchange Controls

27 September 2018

The Bank of Thailand ("BOT") launched its most recent programme of foreign exchange regulation reform in June 2017. Now, one-year into the programme's implementation, this briefing provides an update on the progress of the steps taken so far and what Thailand and foreign investors can expect in the future.